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Name[edit source]

Her name in the raw version of volume 4.

I've notice how many times that editors have changed her name. They so far have changed her name in the article and change her article name. Let's clarify this, Eleska is her English name. Touya Mikanagi, the author of Karneval, added a few extra information of different characters. It includes her, and it shows that her official name is "Erishuka". I have raws of Karneval, and in the picture on the right, it shows the extra information of Erishuka. There are different translators, and they translate differently from other translators. Such as FUNimation, they translate her name "Erisyuka". So please stop changing her name, it's "Erishuka". Thank you for taking your time reading this, I just needed to clarify her name.    Calu       Talk    20:13, April 26, 2013 (UTC)

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