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Chapter 57: Hunger

Appearance Edit

Ryuu appears to be a man in his late 30s-mid 40s with curly, short light-coloured hair, a slight goatee and always seems to be sporting a patterned suit and tie. He wears a smirk/smug look most of the time, especially when before Eleska and likes to antagonise her. He walks around in human form and only transforms into his varuga form when he attempts to attack Kuronomei in Chapter 75, with an eye ball as his face and another on his abdomen accompanied with darkened claws as hands and feet.

Personality Edit

Ryuu often speaks highly of himself, especially when regarding Uro and Hirato. He seems to hold a certain respect towards Keshiki, to whom he obeys. He is quick to anger, as evident in Chapter 57 when Ashina mentions Uro to Ryuu, and tends to make hasty decisions when his anger lets loose. Ryuu appears to be power-hungry, desperate to rise above Uro and the government agency: Circus, a weakness Keshiki exploits.

Relationships Edit

Uro Edit

Ryuu replaces Uro's position in Kafka and has voiced his hatred towards Uro many times, calling him a traitor to Kafka and whatnot as well as deeming him weaker than he. He becomes angry whenever someone mentions Uro to him, claiming that he is nothing like him and making rash decisions to prove that point. The history between the two is unknown as there has been no direct interaction in the anime or manga thus far but Ryuu's reaction to Uro hints at some past rivalry.

Hirato Edit

During the fight at Kuronomei, Ryuu shows disdain towards Hirato and frustration at his plans having once again failed due to circus' interference. Ryuu puts all the blame on Hirato and proceeds to fights a losing battle with him. He is then executed by Hirato's banshees. Ryuu loses his temper during the fight, claiming that the difference in power between the two was too big for Hirato to win. Despite his claim, he loses the match and was killed as a repentance to all those he killed himself.

Keshiki Edit

Ryuu appears to take orders from Keshiki and is unaware of his exploitative nature. However, he is seen to disobey Keshiki's orders in his fits of anger, going independent with his orders to underlings. Keshiki shows no agitation or anger towards Ryuu's actions but instead enjoyment, like Ryuu is good entertainment for him.

Eleska Edit

Eleska shows immediate dislike towards him, favouring Uro over him. However, no anger is shown towards this as he views Eleska as nothing but a mere child who doesn't know better. He is shown to purposely unsettle Eleska.

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