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Hirato's description of the Lindain Group

The Lindain Group is an up-and-coming corporation. It has achieved success in several fields. It is led by a young representative, Yanari's father, who rose to the position at the age of 42.

Informants from the underworld have said that the corporation has connections with the criminal underworld. People who desire that information and those who wish to erase it are able to blend in. It results in many kidnappers around the young representative's only son, Yanari.[1]

Yanari mentions that his father does immoral things to achieve results; the company also has many enemies.

The Lindain Group suspects that another (rival) organization is associated with Kafka, because the workers there die when they leave, and one of the representative's friends disappeared after being invited to a party of the other company's.

This is the same place that Tsukumo found when chasing the varuga Kagiri and Kiharu, who attacked them in Blue Rose, and work for the skilled Uro.


  • Yanari's unnamed father (representative)


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