Evening Swallow
Episode 4
Season 1 Episode 4
Kanji 宵待燕
Rōmaji Yoima Tsubame
Air Date April 24, 2013
Opening Henai no Rondo
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Evening Swallow is the 4th episode of the Karneval anime. It aired on April 24, 2013.


Yogi chases after the Possesors which captured Gareki and was stunned at the spot. Iva appears and saves Gareki. At the same time throws a few kicks on Yogi on the head to reprimand him. Nai blames himself for Gareki capture, Akari assure him that it is not his fault but the attackers. Akari also taught Nai about 'Bruises'. Gareki was seen being ashamed being carried back by Iva and phrased to just kill him.

Nai, Yogi and Akari then proceed into the cave to investigate. Nai recalls a 'warm' Karoku. Meanwhile, Nai saw some bugs walking around the rocks and Akari asks Yogi to remove it and they found a mysterious old looking book.

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