Your Body
Chapter 8.png

Volume 2
Chapter 8
Japanese Title きみのからだ
Romanized Title Kimi no Karada
Total Pages 27
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Your Body (きみのからだ, Kimi no Karada) is the 8th chapter of Karneval by Touya Mikanagi.

Short Summary

The doctor informs Hirato that Nai is not a human, but an animal: a Niji, something which Hirato and Gareki finds humorous. As Gareki and the doctor go to check up on Nai, Gareki becomes flustered due to his reflection on the way he treated an "animal". Meanwhile, Hirato and Yogi discuss taking Nai to the Research Tower to be professionally examined. Back in the examination room, Gareki and Nai reconcile, with Nai informing Gareki that Karoku told him to cut him off, something which amuses Gareki. Later, as the new day begins, Hirato prepares to travel to the Research Tower.

Long Summary

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