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A New Scenery
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Volume 13
Chapter 73
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A New Scenery ( ?) is the 73rd chapter of Karneval by Touya Mikanagi.

Short Summary[]

Gareki is brought to Tokitatsu who has mysteriously come to the Second Ship. Tokitatsu suggests Gareki to continue classes in Kuronomei in the Medical Art course in order to be able to fight alongside everyone on the Second Ship. He asks him to take on the challenge of becoming someone who is able to enter the frontlines in battle and perform on-site medical aid to combatants and also be able to protect himself; a combat physician. If this is accomplished successfully, the Ship will become his home. Concurrently, Kafka is planning to make Kuronomei its next target.

Long Summary[]

When Gareki is brought to Tokitatsu, he mysteriously asks him who he is and how does he know his name. Gareki reflects that Tokitatsu's name was mentioned during classes at Kuronomei and realises that he is the one having the highest rank in Circus. Tokitatsu introduces himself as the Highest Ranking General of Technology at The National Defense Organisation's Central Tower. Gareki confirms his identity from the Hitsuji who affirms. Tokitatsu says to Gareki that you didn't have to confirm that from the Hitsuji and that he's so accustomed to this, wouldn't he find it difficult to leave the ship. He says that even though there is no chance of you(Gareki) returning to the Circus Course, it's frustrating and you want to fight together with everyone? Gareki replies that unless you are a combatant, you can't work on the ship, right? Tokitatsu asks Gareki that if it was possible for him(Gareki) to resume classes at Kuronomei, which course would he hope to study in? Gareki hesitantly replies that he would want to go to a technical course in engineering, creating machinery. Tokitatsu assents that that is not a bad idea and that Circus ships are produced using the latest machine technology, so engineers are vital to us. He further says that choosing a skill you already have and having a thorough understanding of your strengths is a very good choice; however, isn't that kind of choice a little boring?

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Characters in Order of Appearance[]

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  1. Gareki
  2. Tokitatsu
  3. Hitsuji
  4. Palnedo
  5. Keshiki
  6. Ryuu
  7. Rishiana
  8. Ranji
  9. Tsubame


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