Chapter 3
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Chapter 3
Japanese Title 騒音
Romanized Title Sōon
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Noise (騒音 Sōon?) is the 3rd chapter of Karneval by Touya Mikanagi.

Short SummaryEdit

On the train, Nai begins hearing noises, and soon discovers that Gareki is unable to hear them. Shortly thereafter, Hirato bursts through the ceiling of the train and attacks Gareki. However, he stops after seeing that Nai has a ticket, and heads to the front of the train to stop the hijackers, who have kidnapped the man that laid them off. Hirato then allows himself to be captured, until Nai and Gareki arrive, giving him enough time to fight the hijackers. The group soon discovers that the train is rigged with explosives, prompting Hirato to cut the train in half, allowing the rigged carts to explode well away from them. Upon stopping safely, Hirato approaches Palnedo and requests him for questioning, but the elderly man declines, saying he is sick. In his car, Palnedo requests his Doctor to capture Nai, saying that Hirato has also taken an interest in him.

Long SummaryEdit

Hirato crashing down

Hirato crashes through the train roof

Still unaware of the hijacking situation, Nai begins to hear a ringing noise, prompting him to search for the source. Gareki, seeing this, begins question Nai as to what he's doing. Nai then reveals that he hears a strange noise, but Gareki dismisses this, saying that everything is as quiet as can be. However, upon saying this, Gareki looks at their empty compartment, and begins to think it strange that they're the only apparent passengers on the train. Gareki then leaves his seat, causing Nai to wonder what he's doing. Gareki reveals his suspicions to Nai, but, as he tells him to stay where he is, Hirato comes crashing through the train roof.

As they stand confused, Hirato withdraws his cane, prompting Gareki to point his gun at the black-cloaked man. Hirato, however, quickly knees Gareki in the chest, knocking him to the ground. Hirato, musing at the situation, soon realizes his mistake, as he sees that Nai has a boarding ticket. Hearing the commotion, several hijackers rush to the back of the train, but they are easily dealt with by Hirato.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

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  1. Nai
  2. Gareki
  3. Hirato
  4. Tsukumo
  5. Erishuka
  6. Palnedo
  7. Uro


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